Learn how to design a UI from scratch

Step 01

Step 01

Learn how to design…

Step 05

Step 05

…a user interface…

Step 12

Step 12

…from start…

Step 20

Step 20

…to finish!

In this eBook, I’ll take you through my process for designing Kandan (an open source chat app) from start to finish.

I’ll explain every iteration (including mistakes and wrong turns), and you’ll learn the reasons behind every design choice.

It‘s just like watching over my shoulder while I work, except without having to listen to Lil’ Wayne!

Note: Kandan itself is not out yet, but you can sign up to know when it's ready!

What's Inside?

  • 20 steps that take you from blank canvas to rich web app
  • 11 design principles that you can apply to your own project
  • 38 PNG screenshots for every intermediary step
  • Illustrated examples from other apps and sites
  • [Deluxe Edition] A well-organized PSD with all the elements
  • What's not inside: anything about HTML/CSS implementation
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  • PNG
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  • PDF
  • PNG
  • PSD
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What you get: PDF eBook, and PNG images for each step

What you get: PDF eBook, PNGs, plus the full layered Photoshop file.

About the author

My name is Sacha Greif, and I’m a user interface designer from Paris, France.

I’ve worked with startups such as Hipmunk, Codecademy, and Sharypic, and my own startup Folyo helps people find great freelance designers.

If you’d like to know more about me, you can check out my blog or follow me on Twitter.

What people are saying

Sacha has always done great work for us, and insight into his thinking is invaluable
It was very insightful to get a behind-the-scenes look at a designer's process
Sacha has always been very good at writing, I knew he'd grow up to become a famous eBook author

Mrs Roberts

Third Grade Teacher