The Discover Meteor Release Party


I haven’t posted here in over a month, but it’s for a good reason: I’m working full-time on putting the finishing touches to my next book, Discover Meteor.

The book is about the Meteor JavaScript framework, and I’m co-writing it with Tom Coleman, one of the main figures in the Meteor open-source community.

We’re planning on launching next week and I will share more details on the book after that, but in the meantime if you’re in San Francisco I woud like to invite you to our book release party at the Meteor HQ on May 6th.

I will be making the trip all the way from Japan, and I’m really looking forward to meeting up with SF’s vibrant Meteor community, as well as seeing old friends again.

So see you on May 6th, and if you can’t make it be sure to join the book’s mailing list to avoid missing out on the launch discount.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a book to finish!


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