The Self-Publishing Hangout


There’s nothing hard or complicated about self-publishing an eBook. On the other hand, there’s over 9000 simple but annoying little details to think about: what to write about, what software to use, where to publish the book, how much to charge…

This is why me, Nathan BarryPaul Jarvis, and Justin Jackson have decided to get together live on Google Hangouts to compare our respective approaches to this whole self-publishing thing.

You can sign up here to join us live on August 26th, at 5pm PST.

Nathan and Paul have both self-published very successful eBooks and have a lot of experience in the industry. And to get a different perspective, we also invited Justin, who hasn’t published a book yet but is the host of one of the best podcasts about entrepreneurship, and also the author of one of the most viral essays of the year.

Of course, simply listening to us for 90 minutes would get boring. So there will be a chatroom and we’ll be taking questions from the audience as well.

It’s the first time ever that we’re holding this kind of event and we’re pretty excited, so we hope you’ll join us! And if you can’t make it, don’t worry. The recording will be available on YouTube later on.

See you on Monday!


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